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We are the first debt collection firm exclusive to trucking. Our mission is simple. We collect money you thought lost. Our methods are effective and forged by experience. We are successful even where others fail.

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Introducing BBA Insider

For years, Baxter Bailey's Broker Alerts have been relied upon by carriers, factoring companies, and transportation firms. Now we are proud to offer a new suite of free tools to help you make informed decisions.

Flash Alerts
Instant Broker Alert Notifications sent to your browser or mobile device.
Debtor Profiles
Get better insight with rich company profiles with up-to-the-minute updates.
Broker Trends
Before you accept a load. See which companies that might cause you trouble.
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Your bottom line will see a difference.

We are Freight Collection Experts.

  • Freight collections are all we do.

    Nobody else has more experience or such a thorough command of the industry.

  • Our service is risk-free.

    If we can't collect, you owe us nothing.

  • We collect out-of-business debts.

    70% of our collections are from out of business companies.

We succeed where others fail.

  • We can collect when the Broker or Freight Forwarder is out of business.

  • We consistently sue Shippers and Consignees even if they paid their broker.

  • We can recover when the Shipper or Consignee is the Debtor.

  • We can collect Cargo Claims & Disputes.

Don't let your receivables smolder.

With every minute, the odds of collecting a debt diminish. Baxter Bailey & Associates is exclusive to transportation. Experience has honed our process, methodology, and tactics to maximize your recovery.

"Call me to discuss… I love you guys, you are relentless."
Anonymous Debtor