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Are you ready to unleash Baxter Bailey and recover money you thought was lost? If we cannot collect, you owe us nothing. Here is what we need to get started.

2 Minute Placement

We will need a few details about your company, the debtor, and the loads hauled.

If you have the load documents scanned, you can send them directly to us from here.

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Your Details
1. Your details
We need to know where to send the check. So we will need a few details about how to company you.
Debtor Details
2. Debtor Details
Tell us what you know about the debtor. Name names and point fingers.
Load Details
3. Load Details
Give us the details of the load you hauled. Optionally upload paperwork to get us started even faster.
What happens next?
Once we review your placement, expect a call from your client service representative to introduce themself and gather any other information we may need to begin our process.