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24 / 7 Client Care


Baxter Bailey once again raises the bar with our client care website.

Not a client? Then you need to speak to one of our sales staff so you can start recovering your money today.

Our clients can quickly and easily register.

Once we get your first placement you can enjoy the following benefits and features instantly:

Nobody else can do this...

Collection Updates

See the status of your placements as well as all collections made on your account.

Debtor Search

Access our database and search companies that have had accounts placed with us for collection. Search by name, phone, and MC numbers.

Contact Information

Speak directly with the specialist handling your accounts.

Account Updates

View details and status of every account you have placed. Everything is updated in real time.

Company Search

We have information on millions of companies involved in the transportation industry. Search our database and you might just be suprised at what you find...

New Placements

Unleash Baxter Bailey on your debtors and let us get to work recovering your money.