Six things about Baxter Bailey

Being exclusive to transportation, experience has honed our process, methodology, and tactics to maximize your recovery.

1 We are in this together.

We get paid when you do, not before, or after. We perform all collection services on a contingency basis. So, if we are not successful you do not owe us a dime. How is that for risk free?

2 We sue shippers.

We are the only collection firm that consistently files suit against shippers where the broker is out of business and has not paid the actual delivering carrier. Others claim to provide this service, but to date we have found no evidence that they follow through.

3 We do our homework.

Before a case is handed to a collector, they are thoroughly investigated by fully trained, licensed corporate investigators who perform the following investigation on each account placed with our office:


We Work Every Placement


  • Locate Carrier Division
  • Business Credit Analysis
  • Identify any Successor Companies
  • Search Corporate Status
  • Locate Owners and Officers
  • Perform UCC Search
  • Investigate and uncover key business relationships

Determine Liability

  • Debtor Company
  • Carrier Division
  • Successor Company
  • Officers & Owners
  • Principal
    • Consignor
    • Consignee
    • other 3rd Party

Assign Collector
Engage Attorney

4Expert Liability Analysis.

After the investigation, a determination of liability is made. Liability may not only fall on the debtor, it may rest on a carrier division of a broker, a successor company, people may be personally liable, or it may fall on a 3rd party.

5 Experience Matters.

The case proceeds to an experienced collector who then utilizes his experience, relationships, and industry specific knowledge to leverage the debtor. Our collectors are the best in the business. We are thorough, tenacious, and professional.

6Specialized legal team.

Some debtors are resistant to reason and must be convinced in the courts. That's when our legal team comes in. We have an experienced legal staff who specialize in transportation law litigation. They have heard and prepared for every argument. Often a conversation from them is enough for a positive outcome. As a last resort, we litigate.